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There are some foods that can destroy your teeth. In fact, there are some foods and hard substances that can chip or crack your teeth, causing severe dental damage to your oral health. The good news is that you can avoid these foods and protect your teeth from harm.

Our dentist, Dr. James L. Johnson, is happy to help you protect your oral health. That is why our team in West Jordan, Utah, is eager to share with you the harmful foods and substances that can destroy your teeth.

Here are some harmful foods that can hurt your teeth and oral health:

– Ice: Ice is a very hard matter many people like to chew after meals. However, the hard substance can cause your teeth to break, creating a dental hazard for your teeth.
– Sour candy: The components used in sour candy is awfully high in acidic content. For example, the acidic content levels are almost the same ranking as car battery acid.
– Chewy or sticky foods: Gummy foods or chewy foods can stick to your teeth and remain long after you are done consuming them. These foods are hazardous because they stick to your teeth eating away at your tooth enamel leading to many oral health problems.
– Hard foods: Some foods such as popcorn balls or kernels can hurt your teeth by chipping or cracking them which is painful to your smile and health.
– Sugary: Sugar is known to be perilous to your teeth and health because it can create cavities and rot your teeth. Sugar also causes a whirlpool of other health problems like diabetes.

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