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As you know, the dentist can be your best source of help. Our office has many treatments that can fix these issues. Even so, we would like to help you further by sharing some home treatments that can ease your discomfort and keep the tooth safe until you can visit us.

– If you gather up the pieces that got broken off and bring them to our office, we may be able to use them when restoring the tooth. Understandably, you may not be able to find the pieces. If this happens to you, that is okay. We can repair the tooth either way,.
– You can rinse your mouth out with some warm water to help clean things up.
– If the tooth starts bleeding, you can take some gauze and hold it on the area to minimize or stop the bleeding.
– Once all that is taken care of, you can apply a cold compress, which may help the swelling go down and ease discomfort.
– If you find yourself unable to make it our office quickly, there is a way to protect the tooth while you make your way to us. You can coat the tooth with dental cement. As you make sure it covers all the areas infection can slip through, the cement can hold down the fort until Dr. James L. Johnson can meet with you.

If you ever struggle with a broken tooth, we are at your service. Our office in West Jordan, Utah, is open to anyone who needs help. If you would like to schedule a visit or ask a question, feel free to call us at 801-255-7800.